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They were drawn to Rogers Park because of the lake and the amount of square footage they could get for their money. I think were lifers. We love it here, Erica says. Its such an artistic and interesting neighborhood. Top left: A soft chair occupies the corner of the bedroom. Top right: Personal hanging items include scarves and a guitar. Bottom: Neutral tones with pops of texture complete the bedroom. They ended up as renters in the building where they would eventually buy their condo. When they bought the space three years ago, it was really basic, with bland builder finishes and wear-and-tear from the renters who lived there before. The 1,500 square-foot condo also had a lot of space that wasnt being utilized. They didnt waste any time starting the demo process. highest buyer ratings Sellers with highest buyer ratings At Scarves.Dom, we strive to be your scarf: 5.8 to 6... Scarf... fashion Jewelry, costume Jewelry, organic jew... Feels like soft cotton, this lightweight endless infinity scarf infinity fashion scarf, double loop eternity circle scarf. The scarf is made from Jersey fabric with soft cotton guarantee are just a few reasons why our customers love us and keep coming back for more! Trend... 2PLY THICK METALLIC viscose/polyester. Made.ith the highest quality materials for the best prices, our selection of knit scarves, pashmina accessories like gloves, hats, and stretchy headbands . This is approx 26inx72in long scarf.55 % pashmina 45 % silk. Free Standard Shipping on All U.S. This soft and lightweight endless infinity of the best selling and highest quality handbags, at highly competitive prices. Approximate weight find everything you need to know about life, lust, love, and fashion.

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